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There are two kinds of people. Some are afraid and go for it . . . others are just afraid. Fear is a universal part of human experience. It will arise -- sometimes to protect us, sometimes to confuse us. With regard to skillfully managing fear, there are two questions that we must answer clearly.

What do I want?

What fears are getting in my way?

People who are only clear about what they don't want are always going to feel apprehensive about not getting whatever they might truly want. Clarity helps us to overcome our worries by putting our fears in perspective. Awareness is the first and most important step.

Fear is the enemy of happiness and peace. As of recently, people all over the world are feeling greater levels of fear and anxiety. But fear has always been a factor in our lives. Fear is one of many that causes us all to suffering. The desire for freedom from fear is ONE motivation behind all religions and spiritual paths.

The feeling of fear can be strong, but fear itself is not real. It's an emotional reaction to a movie we are playing in our minds and hearts, it is the about the future, past and even present. The cure for fear is learning how to be in, or return to the present. "Be Here Now."

When we go thru personal crisis, it is about choices we have made, or allowed. It is thru life's issues we look to learn, we need to learn. That is when we look inside us, and we see things we are not happy with, than that is the season for change. As we look at our fears, it is because we as human fear changing. Many times we can blame others and events in our lives for our unhappiness, but in reality, it is because we in sense allowed it, we gave away our power. The power of who we are as a person. So the unhappy thing in our lives, look at it as what can I learn from this? Than take that small step and change it. Learn who you are, learn why we go thru similar cycles but only to be where we been before.

The power of thought and desire is strong. Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. Our life is a journey. There is more than just exisiting. Believe in your higher source, and believe in your heart who you are. The changes will come only if you allow it. You will see the fear disappear. You will see how fear only makes us unhappy and down. It may be simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Just listen to your thoughts, are they honoring you who you are?

Meditation is the spiritual skill taught in one form or another by all the world's religions. Don't let past and present tensions dampen your spirit. The times are calling upon each of us to learn to grow, to learn how to let go of fear. The time is now to reconnect to our true roots of who we are, of being that spirit/soul that grows and takes us to a higher level of consciousness. So, on this note I say Let's go for it!