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there was a small indian tribe, and within this tribe was a newly married couple.well like all newly married couples , they had a disagreement, being a woman and all, she grabbed her stuff stomped out of teepee sayin she was goin back to mother's.!!

well a few hours went by, and brave was all upset, upset that his beloved wife left, and he was feelin sad, he raised him arms and said.

"great spirit, why do i feel so bad....."

a few moments went by, the great spirit decide to talk to the young brave

"son, why do you feel so bad?" asked the great spirit "my beloved has departed from me, i am so miserable" replied the brave " why did your beloved leave you?" asked the great spirit "becuase we were arguing " replied the brave "what were you arguing about ?" asked the great spirit

a few moments went by...and the brave replied.... " i do not remember".......

"well go then and get your beloved, she is still on the path to her home...." said the great spirit smilin

immeadiately, the young brave runs out the door, and down the path, runnin with all his might, hoping to catch his wife before shes makes it home....

after a spell, he runs into her sittin on a log on the path, and her seeing her beloved ,smiled and they embraced themselves , and both saying they were sorry,

then she told her husband.... "on the way i saw these beautiful red heart flowers....see?!" as she points to the the 2 red heart plants. they are so beautiful, can we take them, as a reminder of our love to each other?" she asked

with out a hesitation, the young brave bent and dug up the plants, whereas she planted them outside her teepee, and all the members of the tribe came and saw how beautiful these red hearts plants where, as all learned they ate these red heart plants, with there love ones, so each summer, everyone had these red heart plants....

today you can still get these red heart plants of love.......for they are strawberries!!!

as told to me by my friend jeff speakhat, a cherokee native