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  • SAFFRON = Fire/Sun(The whole Herb )Clairvoyance Another cupboard-ready herb, this herb whether burned, worn, carried or drank, helps to develop and strengthen your psychic awareness. Use liberally when working with the chakras.Use as a substitute for Orange. Also used with other herbs for healing.

  • SAGE = Earth/Jupiter (Leaves) Healing, Purifying, Smudging Used in sachets and amulets for all healing wishes and also burned or placed near a personal object of the person for whom the healing wish is made. Burn and smoke the four corners of the room to repel and rid negative energiesand influences. Especially good when moving into a new home. Can be drank as a tea to help promote a hasty healing.Also used when meditating, and grounding.

  • ST.JOHNS WORT = Fire/Sun(The whole Herb )Protection, Banishing,Calming Use the leaves in a necklace toward off sickness and tensions.Carry to strengthen your courage and conviction, or when about toconfront a nasty situation. Burn to repel and banish negative thoughtsand energies from yourself or others.

  • SANDALWOOD = Air/Moon (Wood, Resin) Protection, Cleansing, Meditations and Healings Burn to enhance your meditations and healing wishes. Use the wood also for a healing wand or tie a piece on a healing wand. Burn to cleanse and purify yourself or the home by passing the smoke over your body or through the house. Used with other herbs in developing your spirituality.

  • SKULLCAP = Earth/Jupiter (The whole Herb) Meditations, Clear Thinking Used as a tea, drank before meditation or to enhance the development of. As a bath, used for calming the aura of tensions and stress. Burned for relief of disharmony and disruptive situations.

  • SOLOMONS SEAL = Fire/Saturn (Leaves and Root) Cleansing and Protection Burn for cleansing rooms and yourselfo f negative influences. Carry in anamulet or sachet for protection in all sorts of situations. Use with other herbs in dream pillows. Also used as a energy booster for majik workings. Note: also Jalap, and High John :William the Conqueror roos is a sub for this product.

  • SPEARMINT = Air/Venus (The whole Herb) Healing and some Love wishes Burn for healing wishes especially respiratory. Carry the herb in sachet for healing, drink the tea for healingor take a bath for strength and vitality.


  • THISTLE = Fire/Mars (The whole Herb)Healing, Protection A spray of thistles aids in the speedy recuperation after surgery or illness,Hang in the home or plant around the home to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves.

  • THYME = Air/Venus (The whole Herb) Clairvoyance, Sleep, Courage,Cleansing, Healing and Love. Use in dream pillows to ward off nightmares, burn or use with other oils for aid in psychic awareness,wear a sprig to ward off severe grief, or give strength and courage when needed. Also Burn and/or hang a sprig to banish and purify a homeor room. Use with other herbs for healing and take a cleansing bathbefore working candle magick.

  • TONKA BEANS = Water/Venus (The Whole Bean) Love Simply put, carry the bean in your pocket, as a sachet, amulet or even place next to the candle or stone inall love drawing wishes.


  • VALERIAN = Water/Mercury (Rootstock) Dream Magick, Reconciliations Love and Harmony wishes. Use fresh herbs in sachets for dream magick and sleep protection baths,burn for reconciliations in love relationships (make sure you have all parties permission first!), drink as a harmonizing tea infusion. Place in the home or grow in the garden to aid in keeping harmony. Add to other herbs or love wishes.

  • VERVAIN = Water/Venus (The whole Herb) Cleansing, Protection and Love Used mainly for cleansing baths and incenses before working magick as it both cleanses and protects any negative influences. Used in amulets, sachets, dream pillows, oils, incense and baths purifying and protecting people,(especially children) and home. Spiritual manifestations and creativity.

  • VIOLET = Water/Venus (Flowery Tops) Love, Luck and Night Magick The flowers are to impart luck to the bearer. Given also to newly married couples and babies. Added to other love herbs for all types of love wishes. Have a spray of violets on hand when working night magick and to aid in divination and spirituality.


  • WILLOW = Water/Moon(Wood) Divination, Healing, Protection and Moon Magick. The wood is often used in the making of magickal wands and tools. It isalso considered a sacred WISHING tree. Used when working with spirits and all healing wishes, wear a sprig when someone close to you passes. Place on the altar for all moon magick wishes and for all divination.

  • WORMWOOD = Air/Mars ( Flowery tops and leaves) Clairvoyance, Protection After magick sessions, mental clearing smolder during magick ritual, or as a tea Burn during divination and clairvoyance,burn for all protection.




  • YARROW = Water/Venus ( Flowery Tops) Love, Clairvoyance and Banishment. Carry as a sachet or amulet it repels or rids of negative influences. Said to keep a newly married couple together and any upsetting influences out of the relation-ship and their love alive. Aids in keeping up your courage and in any divinatory workings.

    This is all I have for now, I will be adding on as tme goes by. If you have any information that can be contributed to this page please send me an email and I will happily post it for you. Coming soon, a section of Herbal Reciepes, and Properties of Herbal health. Again thank you for stopping by.

    Walk In Peace and Beauty