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Our Inner Voice

Words are our thoughts expressed. These words carry the message of our intentions. Our speech is the reflection, the external manifestation, of our internal programming. The thoughts we think, the intentions behind the thoughts, and the words we use show how we view ourselves, others and the world we have created for ourselves. Our intentions, thoughts and words can either be charged with the positive energy of love that helps us all to expand, or, with the negative energy of fear that causes us to shrink.

Our intentions, thoughts and words have immense power. Speaking sets this powerful energy in motion. This energy is either positive or negative. This is the energy we put into motion for our own lives every time we form a thought or utter one word. Cause and effect. For example, when we think or say things that are positive, we are allowing others and ourselves the opportunity to have a positive experience in life. However, if, we have negative intentions and speak negative words, accordingly, we have set negativity in motion for everyone.

Our intentions form our thoughts, our thoughts select our words and our words dictate an action. Our primary intention gives our energy direction Ö positive or negative.

While we are all familiar with our external speech or voice, we also have another voice that we work with and interact with daily. This is our "inner voice". You may ask, "What inner voice"? Our inner voice is not the "brain babble" or small talk we constantly hear chattering. Our inner voice is a ďgutĒ response that comes from deep within us. Our inner voice's job is to provide us with "us specific" guidance. This guidance and truth is purely and specifically for you and no other. This is a different kind of communication from our normal waking consciousness or brain chatter. When our inner voice is speaking to us, the thoughts and views we receive are our "intuition," that which is best for us as individuals. You've heard the expression, "What was your first gut reaction?" ... that is your inner voice, your intuition, your gut reaction ... the three are all the same ... and they all speak the truth of you and for you. It is through this mechanism of our inner voice that our "spirit" communicates with us and helps us.

We've all seen this in cartoons. A little white angel (our inner voice) standing on one side telling us the "right" and good thing to do, while the little red devil (our brain chatter) stands on the other side trying to poke and prod us into doing something not so good. Usually something that we already know we shouldn't do.

It is very important to know and understand that our inner voice only has our highest and best in mind. Our inner voice wants us to live up to our true potential and be the best we can possibly be, in all aspects of our life. Our inner voice is there to help guide us along the path called life. How many times has our inner voice told us to do (or not do) something and we ignore the warnings, only to find out it was a huge hurtful mistake that could've been avoided had our inner voice, our "instinct" been followed in the first place?

When we choose to not pay attention to the guidance provided by our inner voice, we are not using the most important key and tool we've been given to our own life. It's the key that provides the answers of who we are, why we are here and where we are going. Our inner voice should be honored and not stifled.

There are times when we have shut out and stifled our inner voices so successfully that it seems like we've lost the ability to "hear," trust ourselves or even know ourselves ever again. Itís at this point that we stop trusting ourselves to make even the most basic life decisions. It is possible to recapture the ability to hear our inner voice and trust ourselves again. We can do this by asking, listening and honoring our inner voice.

Sometimes our inner voice is very subtle, reminding us to pay a bill or call a friend. Other times the inner voice can be more boisterous, demanding to the point it may seem as if it is nagging us, reminding us over and over of some unfinished business for perhaps days, weeks or even years. Every time a thought "pops" into your mind, no matter how briefly or how "off the wall" it may seem, pay attention!! This is your inner voice calling.

Many people confuse ego based brain chatter, thoughts or passing emotions for information received from the inner voice. When we jumble brain thoughts or emotions with our inner voice, it is easy to misunderstand the inner workings of our spirit. Brain chatter is purely ego based, the inner voice is unconditional love and selfless. We must separate the inner voice from the brain chatter by quieting our mind so we can tap into this information. This can be accomplished through meditation, quiet contemplation, exercise, art, dance, music, or any activity that allows you to go "into the zone" and totally focus your attention. Each of these activities helps to turn off or quiet down our brain chatter, thus allowing us the ability to commune with our higher self, our spirit.

Our inner voice also works on another basic principal. When we ask ourselves a question, we will always receive an answer; we only need be prepared for the answer! For example, if we ask, "What should I do now?" we will always be shown the next step. We will receive information about what we could or should be doing in the best interest of our true self.

Our inner voice always provides us with information that is for our highest good and, at times, the answers our inner voice provides will directly clash with our brain chatter, or what our brain is telling us we want. Remember ... the brain always will make it assumptions by our lives experiences, our inner voice will never lie. Our inner voice will always lead to the path that is right for us. During times of these spirit/mind conflicts, always be true to yourself and follow your inner voice no matter how difficult or hard that choice or path may seem.

However, the inner voice cannot compel us to follow the answers we have been shown. We were all provided with something called "FREE WILL", our ability to choose. We can choose to follow spirit or we can choose to take a different path. We've all done this before. We come to the end of an experience and it didn't turn out the way we had hoped or intended. We reflect back upon the choices we made along the way only to wish we had followed our gut reaction (our inner voice) in the first place. Now, we must decide how many times we want to end up that same situation in the future? It is always our choice to take advantage of the advice and wisdom we've received and elect to go in that direction.

When we listen to the inner voice of our spirit, life becomes smoother. Things that may have been a problem seem to miraculously melt away or be completely avoided and life is good. But, when we choose to not listen to our spirit, we are taking our life into our own hands again, and we just have to look back and see what it has done for us. When this happens, our spirit will continue to try to get our attention and bring us back around to the right path.

If we don't listen, or choose to not pay attention to our inner voice, the further and further we are moving from who we really are and our true path. We begin to feel odd or unbalanced. The more unbalanced we become, we get more confused and afraid and we suddenly donít trust ourselves to make a simple decision any more. Obstacles and tests are put in our path so that we may learn certain life's lessons. Sometimes it takes getting knocked to our knees, begging for help and answers for us to have the true desire to change and listen ... but this too is good, as it is the Higher Source and our inner voice asking ... "Are you ready to listen now?"

Please do not feel guilty about ignoring bits or pieces of your inner voice. This is normal and we have all done it. This is how we learn that we must always be able to trust our decisions and ourselves. We learn to love and honor ourselves and become our own best friends. Please don't waste a single minute of your precious life by reinforcing negative thoughts or energy, simply promise yourself that you've learned a lesson and will do better in the future.

Listening to our spirit, our higher self and Great Spirit is all about trust and blind faith. Trusting what we are being shown or led to do is for our highest personal good. Being able to trust is a challenge for many of us and is not as easy as it sounds. Working with, and listening to, our inner voice will show us that we can be trusted to make decisions thatís are good for us and our lives. The more we follow our inner voice and see the wonderful results, the easier it becomes.

Trusting and giving in to our higher source it allows us to be free. Freedom from fear and freedom to have happiness and peace in our lives. Once we choose to accept and follow our spirit by trusting and surrendering control, we will see many and great changes happening in our life almost immediately.