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The following meditation is to focus on your breathing. However, the primary goal is maintaining a calm, non-judging awareness, allowing thoughts, feelings, and sensations to come and go w ithout getting enmeshed in them. This calm, accepting, spacious awareness is your inner Self

Start by taking a few "cleansing" breaths, perferably 3-4. As each inhalation, push that air deeper into body.Exhale slowly and evenly. Always do this before any meditation excerises.

If at home, fynd a quiet place for yourself. I call this a "sacred space". A space that is just for you, to be alone. I fynd music, calm music a great help. For some it is not, it is what you feel is best for you. Lighting an incense or a candle is also a calming effect that can help to achieve a quietness. NOTE: regarding hearing noises such as traffic, animal barkings, children, or Tv, radio, they best way I have you visualize this, is like having Tv on but your are not watching it. You hear it the "noise" but you are not listening to it. Our mynd operates same way, as you start to fynd the quietness, many thoughts will be played and asked. Just don't answer them, it is playing but not listening, you are just hearing noises.

  1. Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, your spine reasonably straight.

  2. Let your attention rest on your breathing.

  3. When thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, or external sounds arise, simply acknowledge and accept them, allowing them to pass through without judging or getting involved with them.

  4. When you notice your attention has gotten engaged in thoughts, emotions, or sensations, bring it back to your breathing and continue.

  5. Benefits of this meditation

    Also it is good to do this excerise outdoors, and if at work, and you feel a need to quiet your inside, go to the bathroom, spend a few quiet moments there. When out doors, if possible, remove your shoes and socks, lean up against a tree, and/or have the Sun shine on you, feel the warmth of it's energy. I personally, like to stretch a bit before doing this or any meditation excerise. Stretching upwards into the Sky, rotating your head, and loosening up the shoulders. You will fynd these several small things will make a hugh difference.