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Sojourner's Message

The Awakening Of Self

It has come a time here on Earth that many of us humans are looking in other places for the answers to our questions about our lives,spirituality, our own each purpose and our basic origins. It seems to start with a question of "Who Am I?", and a very intense pulling in ourselves to look for that answer. Eventually,it will be almost like a hunger that can only be satisfied with new awareness of "self" and our world.

Those of you that are feeling it will know the truth of these words. The old way of thinking does not bring security or peace to one's thinking and this search for our personal truth is leading us to new ideas and to things that once seemed unbelievable. The "Awakening of Self" is a process. All of us have made choices, in this life, that brought us here today where we are. Where they right or wrong? That is not important, because you are where you are "Now" in your life because of it. Eventually, we all will hear this "calling", the calling of our soul/spirit, the calling to seek for our personal truth, to seek the truth of our purpose here in this life,and begin the search.

A Choice Only You Can Make!!

It is our responsibility to ourselves to find the answers to the questions that is blazing in our hearts and our minds. The truth is surfacing at a phenomenal rate. All one needs to do is watch the television to know that what was once a not acceptable belief, is now commonly a part of our thinking.

We are learning our Spiritual truth. Those of us that are ready, are moving forward at a rapid rate and those that are not yet ready will catch up at jet speed when they choose their time to "awaken." There are many teachers, books, and methods for finding your truth. When you come across something that interests you in your search you will feel that fire within burning more intensely.

Not everyone's idea of truth will match. There are different stages of awakening. Find that which is comfortable to you. You will know in your heart when it is yours. Seek teachers that you can resonate with and books that bring possibilities and changes to the mind and heart. Seek the "truth", learn what is inside of you. Learn what is good for you, learn to rid what is not good for you. I will admit, at tymes it will be a painful process. Instead of accepting it as pain, accept it as "Growing", and "Freedom". Along with the truth and the desire to change things in your life, you will see the changes in every aspect of your life.

Ask the Universe to bring it all to you. Learn to realize the "Power" in ourselves. Open your self to the Angels and Guides that the Great Spirit has provided us. They have the knowledge of truth and desire to aid in our journey, however, we live in a "Free Will Universe" and that means unless you ask for help, they cannot give it. You are a multi-dimensional being, there is a very real world beyond the 5 basic senses. Seek your truth in that. It will change your life and bring joy and true happiness. As you learn and grow you will come to realize that Mother Earth is a living being and we are all in this together.

We are all teachers and we are all students.

Go & Seek & Learn and be in Peace!