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There are a few things that you should remember when working with stones and gems. All gems and stones should be cleansed and empowered. note: empowered simply means to instill some of your own energy into the stone. This means sit with it in your hand and envision what you wish from the stone or what you will use the stone for at some point.

To cleanse the stone it is best to either place the stone in a stream of natural water from a lake or simply hold them under a faucet. Moonlight and sunlight are the best cleansers. Wear gems and stones as close to the body as possible. Place them in a pocket or wear them on a string around your neck close to your heart. Always remember the size of the stone is not important.

Gems and stones can also be placed on magickal tools, as well, with glue or wire. Some beautiful pieces can be made such as goblets, Tarot boxes, wands, baskets, and herb containers.

Below is a list of Stones, Minerals and Gems for you to reference.


Birth Stone Chart

  • January Garnet
  • February Amethyst
  • March Aquamarine
  • April Diamond
  • May Emerald
  • June Pearl
  • July Ruby
  • August Peridot
  • September Sapphire
  • October Opal
  • November Topaz
  • December Onyx


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