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About Totem Animals

There are several ways that you may use to find their totem animals.

  1. A particular animal feels good to you.
  2. Your own affinity with an animal.
  3. Medicine cards
  4. Read books on Native American culture and shamanism, and other books on animals and their symbolism in different cultures.
  5. Perform your own ritual
  6. Dreams
  7. Meditative state
  8. Vision quest

Simple Exercises to Find Your Totem Animal

Exercise 1

Research for the local animals in your area. Keep in mind that power animals are not limited to mammals. They can be reptiles, insects, birds, and fish. Make a list and study them carefully. Notice what they eat, their behavior, and their habitat. If you want, visit them in their natural habitat and watch them interact with the enviroment. Pay special attention to the legends and sayings about them. Remember, "clever as a fox, strong as an ox, gentle as an Deer." You will find out some pretty interesting things! Think of their strengths and weaknesses. Recognize these qualities working within you. In this way you will narrow down your choices.

Exercise 2

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of your good qualities. Be honest here! If you want, you can also ask your friends and family to write down all those good qualities they see in you. Sometimes we do not see many of our own good qualities, so this might help you see how others perceive you. Once you have a list of all your good qualities, start researching for those animals that have those qualities that represent your higher self.

Exercise 3

Perhaps this exercise will help also,I found that when I was looking for another totem animal. Is to be aware of the animals I was seeing in real life. One thing I have noticed, animals I rarely see stands out the most. Or seeing same animal many tymes in a short tyme period. Remember, it is not just "seeing" the animal. It can also show itself in pictures, business icons, etc etc.All you have to do is look around and keep your eyes open. When this occur, look up the animal medicine. Reflect upon these questions:

  • Have you noticed you have a tendency to favor this kind of animal(s)?
  • "Why do you like that animal so much?"
  • "What characteristics does that animal have that you can identify yourself with?"
  • Is this the Medicine I need to overcome an issue currently?

Some of this information was taken from: "Indian Power Animals and Totems" by Marguerite Elsbeth,

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