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Since the beginning of this cycle of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to problems of the third dimension. There is something about being alone in the wilderness that brings us closer - makes us more aware - of the 4 elements - and our connection to a creational source. We go to seek truths -divine realization - just as many of the ancient prophets did in their time.

In its own way - the vision quest is an Initiation not unlike the days of the ancient mystery school teachings where one learns about themselves and the mysteries of the universe are often revealed to them. It is a time of internal transformation and renewal. Who am I? Why am I here?

In a vision quest, conditions are set up that allow the soul to move beyond the illusions of the little self and enter the unity of the inner whole. It is a time of fasting - praying - and being in nature.

It is a period of solitude in which we seek an inner revelation - a vision -which grants profound meaning and direction to our life. This initiation leads to maturity and an understanding of our responsibility to ourselves, our society, our natural environment, and our soul.

Though the Vision Quest is associated with Native Americans traditions - it is practiced all over the world. As an expression of the archetypical "Heroic Journey," the vision quest has been enacted in religious pilgrimages, mythological tales (including the story of the search for the Holy Grail), and our own daily pursuit of truth and purpose.

Today, there are companies which sponsor vision quests; they provide a wilderness area in which it is to occur, and they give instructions and guidance before and after the event.

In Native American traditions these times of inner trial are marked liked passages. Time is set aside to honor them. It might be a day, a week, a month, whatever is necessary to complete the transformation and get the answer one seeks.


Now you are ready to go out alone in nature to spend the time seeking greater truths.They may come as a vision you see in third dimention - a dream - a connection with nature - through meditation You may not understand the vision when you receive it. It may take time for you to process.

A sacred circle of stone is placed on the ground. The individual remains in the circle for a certain period of time. Sometimes a helper will check on the person - in cases of bad weather or to be sure the person is okay.

In many instances one is taken out of their body and are confronted by both the angelic and the demonic aspects of their own fears. In other words we learn to see the Light and Dark side of ourselves.

This transformational experience has been sometimes been done with the use of natural pseudylics such as peyote, mescaline, and the South American Iawaska plant during sacred initiation rites. These plants were held as sacred teachers from the plant kingdom. The insights during the sacred space allowed the veils between this world and the next to be pulled back and for the individual voyager to transcend himself and this dimension.

(note:a vision quest should and can be done without usuage of drugs. Using these various drugs will only confuse what is real and what is not real, I have done both ways, and seen that non drug usuage was most clearer with what I needed to see and/or experience.)

(as the writer of this page-i do not condone nor advocate usage of the poisionous plants described above, if you decided to do this, you do this on your complete choice and free will, and you can not hold myself or tripod responsibile.)

When the quest is over the person leaves most often with a message.

The Benefits of a Vision Quest

Curing illness - I have spoken with people who have been diagnosed with illnesses - and have returned after two weeks with nothing to drink but water - no food - and have been cured.

You are given a vision that will help you soul help its issues and move into its spiritual space.

Confidence. If we emerge from the wilderness alive and healthy, we feel more certain of our abilities and our strength, because we have survived raw nature and our own imagined limitations. We did alone, but we also discovered additional sources of power from beyond us.

Stronger connections to creation. We enhance our link to nature, humanity, and spirit.

Appreciation of life. We cherish it more intensely, after facing possible dangers and death in the wilderness. Our temporary deprival?s also increase our appreciation of our friends, our food, and our material comforts.

The realization that we have our own source of wisdom. The vision comes to us directly, intimately from our Universal Creator - without books, churches, or religious teachers.

Our connection to source - oneness of the universe