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Place yourself somewhere comfortable and relaxing. Take a couple of deep breaths to help clear the "mind chatter". (NOTE: If you fynd it diffucult because of running thoughts, look at it as having TV on and not watching or listening) On this one, we want you to use your visualization capabilities. This one you will need to focus on a bright light.

This is one I use when things are a little hairy and just can't seem to settle myself down. Almost a preclude to the first one, but it works separately as well. You can, sit in a chair, or even on the commode in the bathroom if you're at work, build a little "seat" out of the sand at the beach, or sit on a log in the forest. Place your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your upper thighs, palms up. Close your eyes if you have to and practice your breathing techniques for a few minutes.

When you feel ready, totally relaxed and your mind cleared of the chatter, close your eyes and direct your minds eye to about four inches from the crown of your head. Imagine a tiny white light. Think about it, try to see it. At first it may look like a tiny star but it gets bigger and bigger as you focus on that thought. Try to visualize it about two to three inches in diameter.

Now imagine that bright light pulsating with energy, see the prisms of color radiating from the sides of your "star". Focus on this and start to move this light downward. Through your head to your shoulders, to your arms and chest. Spreading its light all through its path. Imagine with this light, its like a chalkboard eraser, deleting all in its path, leaving behind a pure white light. You may at this point start to feel a little warmth, tingly, or perhaps even a metallic taste in your mouth. Relax. Its your body responding to the natural vibrations of radiating light.

Continue through your chest area to the abdomen, groin, thighs, knees, ankles and finally to the tips of your toes. All the while the light is erasing all the chatter, stress, and emotional garbage all cluttered up in there. See the edges of the stars colors like a prism eating up the "nasties" and taking them with it. Like a beautiful warm waterfall washing away everything and leaving a pristine slate. Feel the radiating light energy pulsing through its path, in your veins, muscles and bones. Feel it purging. Feel it throbbing in you.

Now release visualize pushing the nasties out through the bottom of your feet. Feel the earth/ground absorb the energy and closing as it slips out. Now the energy should be in full swing inside you. This is where you can visit the stars, walk in the sunshine, play in the waterfall . Again,look around, smell what is there, feel what is there. Place your hands about an inch apart and see what you feel. See the glow of the light emanating from your hands. Play! Ask your question if you have one and in the stillness, in that radiating light you will hear an answer! As simple as that! Pretty nifty huh?

Again, spend as long as you like. If it is only a few seconds, don't be discouraged. That's great! It will get longer and clearer the more you practice Just do it.!

Come home now. With this technique however, one of the main objectives was clearing.and calming. We would like to keep this with us. So this time, close up the feet and feel it rising back up, in one big tidal wave up and out to the point where you began. You should still be feeling the energy and "cleared" feeling. Now concentrate on that light back at the starting point about four inches above your head. Slowly bring that 2-3 inch size back to the tiny star it started as. But do NOT let it disappear! Keep that tiny little star with you all day or with you as you go to sleep (this is great for tymes if you can't sleep or just feel intense!). Slowly rise and stamp your feet.